About Me

I am a family law attorney based here in Tyler, Texas and my primary practice is in Smith County, Texas. I am married to my wonderful wife of 23 years, Molly Carter. We have two children, Emilly Carter and Elijah Carter, and I have the most fabulous grandchild, Baby Lauren. Emilly is currently attending college and Elijah will be starting his sophomore year at Whitehouse High School. We live in and are active members of the Whitehouse community.

My Mission

I pledge that as a judge I will listen and I will rule, that I will safeguard every litigant’s right to be fairly heard and to have the law fairly applied, without passion or prejudice, and without regard to one’s social status, race, gender or faith.

Ultimately, I seek this position because it is important, because it is my heart, because it is my mission, and because families matter … always.

My Pledge

It would be a discredit to our profession if I were to campaign in such a way as to leave doubt as to the integrity and intentions of my fellow candidates in an attempt to gain an advantage politically. Our profession requires more nobility and more sacrifice than to discredit each other for personal gain.

Should I prevail in this race, I will continue to treat all attorneys and litigants with fairness and respect.

If you would like to make a contribution to my campaign, you may do so here. Thank you.