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I am a family law attorney based here in Tyler, Texas and my primary practice is in Smith County, Texas. I am married to my wonderful wife of 23 years, Molly Carter. We have two children, Emilly Carter and Elijah Carter, and I have the most fabulous grandchild, Baby Lauren. Emilly is currently attending college and Elijah will be starting his sophomore year at Whitehouse High School. We live in and are active members of the Whitehouse community. I have over the years in my community, taught Sunday School classes, served families at emergency evacuation shelters, and worked to make my city a better place for my family and community. I served for years as a board member on the Whitehouse Baseball/Softball League and have coached my boy’s baseball team in Whitehouse for the past ten years. Additionally, I serve on the Whitehouse Planning and Zoning Committee and am a board member at the St. Paul Children’s Foundation, a wonderful organization providing essential services to families in need.

Short Biography

I completed my undergraduate studies at Stephen F. Austin State University and graduated from Texas Tech School of Law in May of 2001 – Cum Laude. Upon graduation, I worked for the large, corporate firm of Andrews & Kurth, LLP before venturing out on my own in 2002. My private practice quickly aligned with my mission work, families, and has for years focused primarily on a family law. Along with my private family law cases, I am additionally on contract with the 321st Judicial District Court representing parents and children involved in the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (“CPS”) cases.

My experience over the years, both in practice and personally, has led me to seek this position. Our judicial system serves a vital role in our families and our society. Although this Court must make all decisions under the overarching principle of the best interest of the child, ultimately, it is a court of law and it is incumbent upon the court to apply the law equally, fairly, and in a manner that respects the rule of law and recognizes the gravity of its decisions. I pledge that as a judge I will listen and I will rule, and that I will safeguard every litigant’s right to be fairly heard and to have the law fairly applied, without passion or prejudice, and without regard to one’s social status, race, gender or faith.”