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The practice of law is a noble and esteemed profession. Those that undertake such a calling have a duty and responsibility to our clients, fellow attorneys and the judiciary. We are rightfully held to a higher standard based largely upon the importance of these institutions we represent. These institutions are vital to our society. The ABA Model Rules of Profession Conduct refer to lawyers as “public citizens” who have a duty to improve the law, promote and improve our profession and to safeguard access to and the administration of justice. Above all else, we should value honesty and integrity and strive for a reputation of the same. I have always held those that practice law in the highest esteem and have spent my career, not only building a quality reputation, but going out of my way to assist any attorney that falls upon difficult times. Ultimately, it is our profession as a whole and the public’s trust in our profession that suffers when an attorney stumbles.

It is my pledge throughout this campaign to not speak disfavorably towards any other candidate and I will not be interested in entertaining the same from others. Regardless of who is ultimately elected to this seat, I will honor that person for their service, for their profession and for their position. It would be a discredit to our profession if I were to campaign in such a way as to leave doubt as to the integrity and intentions of my fellow candidates in an attempt to gain an advantage politically. Our profession requires more nobility and more sacrifice than to discredit each other for personal gain.

I further pledge, that should I prevail in this race, I will continue to honor and respect the individual and pledge to treat all attorneys and litigants, regardless of their political persuasion or support, with fairness and respect.

This is my pledge to any that run against me, run in other races, and I have every confidence that it will be reciprocated – as our profession requires no less, individually and collectively.